Meet Imam Saifullah Muhammad

Imam Saifullah

Born and raised in the U.S., Imam Saifullah is a Hafidh of the Quran. He obtained his B.A. in Islamic Studies and Arabic, and an associate’s degree in Usal Ul Deen. He has a year of takhassus in Uloom Al-Quran and Ilm Al-Hadeeth. He has earned a certificate for teaching Quran and Tajweed, and has also obtained a certificate for responding to domestic violence.

Imam Saifullah also has ijazah in Qirah and Tajweed by Imam of masjid al Quba, Madina. Imam Saifullah is currently working on his Masters in divinity, with a concentration in Islamic Chaplaincy from Al-Bayan, in conjunction with the University of Chicago.

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