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Mosque (Masjid) Expenses

Raised: 6100.00 USD 20.33% Raised: 6100.00 USD 20.33%

Mosque (Masjid) Expenses are the operating expense of the Islamic Center of Tucson (ICT). Your generous donations keep this mosque going. Click below to see what Mosque Expenses include.


Raised: 2000.00 USD 6.67% Raised: 2000.00 USD 6.67%

Sadaqah is voluntary charity. It is a widely used term in the Qur’an to cover all kinds of charity and alms-giving. Sadaqah is distributed to the needy Muslims in Tucson who face difficulty paying rent, utilities, medical/pharmacy bill assistance, and unforeseen expenses.


Raised: 6000.00 USD 20% Raised: 6000.00 USD 20%

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is mandatory for every Muslim who is financially stable, to pay zakat to the poor and needy. Zakat is meant to be paid in order to purify our wealth. Therefore, those Muslims who have enough wealth have to give 2.5% of your wealth to the poor and needy.

Care & Hygiene Packages

Raised: 200.00 USD 4% Raised: 200.00 USD 4%

You can help provide our local community with essentials such as but not limited to non-perishable food, Diapers, formula, sanitary products, shampoo and more. Your generous donations go directly to purchasing the items for the care packages.

Cemetery Expenses

Raised: 540.00 USD 6.75% Raised: 540.00 USD 6.75%

Expenses in operating the Islamic cemetery are 100% funded by generous donors like you. Click here to see what costs are associated with operating an Islamic Cemetery.

Weekend School Expenses

Raised: 500.00 USD 5% Raised: 500.00 USD 5%

Weekend School (Sunday School) has over 300 registered students, and with that many students, expenses add up quickly. Click here to see all the expenses that surround this program.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

Raised: 42000.00 USD 84% Raised: 42000.00 USD 84%

Many Muslims in Tucson have been affected by COVID-19. Donate today to give financial assistance to a Muslim family in Tucson affected by this ongoing pandemic.

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